Crop Circle Barbury Castle Wroughton UK June 2008

Crop Circle Barbury Castle Wroughton UK June 2008

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From first glance, it appears that this enormous design, near the banks of Neolithic Hill Fort Barbury Castle shows echoes of the ratchet, which was one portion of the Barbury Castle Triangle/Tetrahedron of 1991. Its is still regarded as "the mother of all pictograms". The proportions within this 2008 event indicate a far more intricate ratchet than its 1991 predecessor.

Many years of research have been carried out on the 1991 event, and indeed the ratchet design demonstrates the number seven, as notes within the diatonic scale. The whole structure is also a collection of numeric, musical and geometrical harmonies.

Are we once again witnessing at this location, another formation from the Circle-makers indicating sound as a conveyed message which the ancients regarded as a prime creative force of the Universe.

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