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Real true color showing water!
Old Apollo 8 photos in a book from 1969 about the moon, shows water in Tsiolkovsky crater!!
These two files showing Tsiolkovsky, is from a book called : â??Bogen om maanenâ?. The book of Moon. 1969.
The author: Asger Lundbak, was a Phd. Into fysics and working at Niels Bohr Institut. And Copenhagen University.
His own words (with subtlety) of explaining this photo of Tsiolkovsky:
â??With tele-optic and colorfilm, the Apollo 8 crew mannaged to take pictures of Tsiolkovsky-crater. Thereby achieving this impressing panorama.
The weakpink conical center is (exept a spur running north towards the observer) completely sorrounded by a blue-greenish and very dark crater-bottom,
Obviously constructed by another chemical composition than the sorroundings.� - !! J
It's very suspicius that these photos are found at the Lunar And Planetary Institute's Apollo Image Atlas:
[URL]http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS08-14-2450[/URL] with a whole different color-composition and not under the name Tsiolkovsky but named: Farside They have really been doing lots of funny stuffs
just to hide the true colors and places of this area!! - Why NASA/JPL ?? And is it legal for you to twist and bent the photos in order to hide a reality you obviously don't like but seems to be a fact of life! â?? And try figure out how much time and energy scientists and students world over are spilling because of that false reality of the moon you have created! â?? Shame on you NASA/JPL (Only the security-cleared people participating in the plot)! â?? Still wondering can it be legal?

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