One of Napoleon Bonaparte's attempts to chip away at the COLONIES of the British Empire was his expedition to EGYPT.

He intended to destroy British TRADING and have them thin out their forces by causing simultaneous disruption across the Middle East.

He also wanted FRANCE to have possession of the SECRETS of EGYPT.

He set out with his forces, which included members of the COMMISSION DE SCIENCES ET DES ARTS, in 1798.

The ROSETTA STONE was one of his Major DISCOVERIES, and it was inadvertently nearly lost forever.

The ARMY was ordered to expand the walls of a fort in the city of RASCHID, which Europeans called "ROSETTA". They began by blowing up the Ancient wall that restricted their movements.

Lieutenant PIERRE FRANCOIS BOUCHARD noticed the inscriptions on a slab of stone.....

There were THREE Languages upon the 1600 lb. chunk of stone: HIEROGLYPHICS, DEMOTIC, as cursive form of hieroglyphics, and GREEK.

BOUCHARD reasoned that a translation was possible.

But the ROSETTA STONE was not fully translated until 1822 by a man named JEAN FRANCOIS CHAMPOLLION, though several men had attempted to do so over the years....

The ROSETTA stone was CAPTURED by the BRITISH when everything went to HELL for NAPOLEON......

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