TIME didn't do this.

NATURE: Wind, Rain, Storm, Flood, Intense Sunlight, etc., did not do this.

Grave Robbers and Tomb Raiders took their toll, certainly.

But TOURISM destroyed the PYRAMIDS and SPHINX of GIZEH.

Mark Twain, SAMUEL CLEMENS, describes what he found upon his arrival at GIZEH in 1867:

A Horde of muscular RABBLE besieged his party immediately upon their arrival at the PYRAMIDS.

The Arabs and Egyptians wanted the CONTRACTS for PULLING their group of TOURISTS UP the sides of the Pyramids!

TRULY: Each step was as high as a KITCHEN TABLE, not the easy, leisurely climb to the top that CLEMENS' party planned for.

An ARAB on either side of you grabbed your arms and PROPELLED you up the sides of the Pyramids!

The DRAGGERS harried and bedeviled you the entire way to the top, yelling for more BAKSHEESH all the while...

There were frantic RACES, Arab vs Egyptian, from the bottoms of the pyramids to the SUMMITS.

These races went on in the heat of the sun ALL MORNING.

Clemens grew so incensed at his one of his DRAGGERS that he bet the man he couldn't race to the summit of CEPHRON/CEPHREN in under TWO MINUTES.

You see, Clemens hoped that he would SLIP and break his neck.

The SUMMIT of CEPRHON/CEPHREN in 1867 was coated with dressed MARBLE, polished as SMOOTH as GLASS!

NO longer....

The RUNNER made it to the very top TWICE in less than 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Clemens then offered the man $100 to LEAP from the TOP!

The intervention of the runner's MOTHER robbed Clemens of what he was certain was a SURE thing.....

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