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Stokes Dock Co., Inc.

Stokes Dock Co., Inc.

In 2000, I used a $600 paycheck, a vision & combined them w/ hard work ethics, dedication, sacrifice, quality-conscious decisions & an unbreakable determination for success to establish Stokes Dock Co. & its reputable & recognizable name as the nation’s best source for the waterfront living experience! Now, we Design, Develop, Manufacture, Build, Service & Sell, New & Used, Residential & Commercial Boat Docks, Breakwater Systems, Floating Homes, Boat Lifts & the Largest Selection of Marine Products, Dock Accessories & Solutions to Clients Worldwide! We also offer a complete-list of professional, technical & highly skillful services that are specifically made to help you w/ owning, maintaining &/or enhancing your waterfront living lifestyle!
Unlike other dock companies that use the same old designs, same low-quality materials & the same ineffective methods in order to simply sell you something, we only use the Most Advance Technology, the Best Quality Materials, Durable Components, Innovative Designs, Creative Yet Effective Techniques, Proven Performance & Overall Client Satisfaction in order to Guarantee that every client receives the Absolute Best Solutions Available! Proof cannot only be found in our many satisfied clients, but also in the many awards, certified achievements & record-breaking events that we have achieved!
However, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for our dedicated, supportive & totally satisfied clients who found within themselves the strength, courage, faith & trust to believe in us & our mission! While my competitors waste their time, money & efforts impressive sales pitches & outrageous advertising schemes, we instead, re-invest our time, money & efforts back into providing you w/ the best products, services & solutions! Why rely on another company’s sales pitches when you can rely on the proven product! Come see for yourself, the difference that Stokes Dock Co., Inc. can make to your waterfront living lifestyle today!

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