This PUMA PUNKA, "THE PUMA DOOR", a section of the RUINS of TIAHUANACO, in LA PAZ, Bolivia.

VERY strange ARCHITECTURE, probably the most mysterious spot on Earth....

EVERYTHING here fits together in the most intricate fashion.

The ROCK used in the STRUCTURES is so HARD that only DIAMOND tipped tools and LASER tools can make the slightest scratch on them.

The same used to said of the SPHINX of GIZA.

Another thing that the SPHINX and TIAHUANACO/TIWANAKU have in common is that scientists around the world, having abandoned all past theories of CREATION, are now starting to admit to themselves the this place is FAR OLDER that the 1500-2000 years previously estimated.

One in particular, a DR. POSNANSKY, actually LIVED in these ruins for a time. What he found in the SUNKEN TEMPLE area has turned all past ideas on their ear....

Seems that TIAHUANACO was constructed in line with the Plane of the Ecliptic, the plane of the EARTH'S ORBIT and that of the CELESTIAL EQUATOR. In other words, it was DESIGNED and constructed with an eye to the CONSTELLATIONS.

An ALIGNMENT of STARS that only existed 20,000 years ago!

So TIAHUANACO/TIWANAKU is at least 20,000 years old. The SAME is now being said of the SPHINX.

Another thing. PUMA PUNKU is 12 miles from LAKE TITICACA...

So WHAT, you say?

Well, PUMA PUNKU is a DOCK for landing SHIPS in an area that has no trees. Nor WATER. So LAKE TITICACA, 20,000 years ago, extended PAST TIAHUANACO!

The legends say that the inhabitants of TIWANKU first arrived after the destruction of ATLANTIS!


After the GREAT FLOOD, they relocated to THE ANDES!

The only other ARCHITECTURE that I have seen that is even close to this in appearance:

Some of the cities on THE MOON and MARS. MIMAS. GANYMEDE. GASPRA....

So they MAY have been MOON FOLK....or something other than Earth Human....

For, unless we really have been DESTROYED time and again here on Earth, MAN was still in CAVES 20,000 years ago!

MAN did not possess the MATHEMATICAL skill necessary to construct such a place. Nor the TOOLS.....Nor the EXTREME patience....

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