Can you believe that the story from the BIBLE, about the ISRAELITES blowing down the walls of Jericho....IS TRUE?

The entire tale was discredited in the 1950's by British Archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon, who was considered to be the Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones of her time.

She misinterpreted what she found. She was quick to state that the remains of the JERICHO that she had a part in excavating could not have existed at the time of the story from the Book of Joshua.

She has subsequently been proven wrong by Dr. John Garstang, who took things a little more seriously and with a touch more FAITH.

He found that not only did these ancient ruins show signs of SEIGE, ATTACK and FIRE, he was even able to correctly interpret all that Kenyon and her team had glossed over.

She was incorrect about the DATE she attributed to RUINS that lie on the WEST BANK of PALESTINE.

He dug deeply and found at the base of these walls 3 FEET of ancient ASHES, Pottery jars filled to the bursting with GRAIN, Death Masks, and even came up with a theory for WHY the walls came tumbling down.

Earthquake accounted for the miraculous fall of these heavily fortified walls.

The JARS were still filled with GRAIN because the city was not LOOTED, as per GOD'S orders to the Israelites....

The city was BURNED exactly in the manner recounted in the BIBLE.....

So, it is ALL TRUE.

Just as we are finding about all the past MYTHS---INFORMATION preserved for the future in the form of STORIES....

Jericho still exists near the Jordan River. It is 11,000 years old. It lies 847 feet below Sea Level, the lowest continually inhabited city in the World, as well as being the OLDEST City in the World.....

NO ONE KNOWS whom the original inhabitants of the City were. They have been completely FORGOTTEN.


The LINE of CONQUEST of this small place, THE CITY of the PALMS, has been impressive....It is a BEAUTIFUL LAND, and as such, will ALWAYS catch the EYE of the CONQUEROR....

Today it is home to 20,000 PALESTINIANS...

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