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People began bursting into churches screaming that the world was coming to an end. Single mothers streamed into Police Stations, wailing children in tow, calmly asking what to do next, now that the Martians were attacking New Jersey.

According to radio reports, huge gas explosions had been observed on the surface of Mars hours earlier by the Mount Jennings Observatory in Chicago.

Now a huge, flaming object had just slammed into a field in Grovers Mill, New Jersey, "with almost earthquake intensity".

The smoking crater began to hum...SOMETHING was moving and writhing in the smoke...A metallic HEAD appeared...And began spewing FIERY DEATH upon all observers...The Radio Announcer began screaming-the radio broadcast was interrupted "By forces beyond our control"...

All over the country, from California to New York, people absolutely believed what they heard and began to PANIC. Police and Government phone lines were SWAMPED...

A Reverend in Washington, a very pious man, packed up his family and fled town, stopping at a gas station on the outskirts, filling up his tank and gas cans, then driving away WITHOUT paying, yelling that the world was coming to an end, so what's the use?

Students RIOTED at all the leading Universities. Hundreds of Thousands emptied out of movie theaters in total panic. The major arteries of most major cities were clogged by a human stampede....

8pm October 30, 1938. Orson Welles, Agnes Moorehead (yes, ENDORA, John Houseman. The Mercury Theatre. CBS Radio Broadcast of H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds.

The hundreds of thousands that tuned into the program at 8:12, during a lull in the Charlie McCarthy program on a rival network, believed what they heard.

Mars was attacking Earth with huge, TRIPOD CRAFT that were burning everything in sight. The Martians themselves were described as huge, Bear-like, menacing creatures armed with ray-guns. Poison gas was EVERYWHERE.

People ran down Broadway in New York City with wet towels wrapped about their faces. All the bridges out of the city were jammed...

And we SURVIVED the INCREDIBLE News, folks. WE TOOK IT. THEY took it. News of an invasion from another world, people really believed it, and we HANDLED IT.

Orson Welles was just 23 at the times.

On 31, 1938, he became the biggest star in the world...

And we proved that the Common Man CAN handle the idea that there is LIFE somewhere out there. We KNOW IT in our BONES, in our RACIAL MEMORIES...

The Governments of the World have used the Mass Panic of 1938 against us ever since....

So this was IMPORTANT!

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