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ALCHEMY: Mark Twain/Nikola Tesla

ALCHEMY: Mark Twain/Nikola Tesla

People down through the long years have always wondered what these two men had in common.

One was considered to be an uncultured man of letters, the other an unstable, mad Genius.

What most have failed to discern, even in the fullness of time, is that both men were ultimate outsiders-with a generous dash of HUMOUR and TOLERANCE mixed in there somewhere.

Both enjoyed GADGETS and a GOOD Practical Joke...

Twain and Tesla had suffered several reversals of fortune in their lives, both had experienced at a young age the heights of FAME and the Depths of DEPRESSION and Despair.

Both had been RIPPED OFF, degraded, disregarded and had been the pawns of Powerful Men and Institutions....

Tesla's achievements read like the accomplishments of a Mad Scientist:

Alternating Currents. The Induction Motor. The Tesla Coil. The Theory and Concept of Television, in 1893. The invention of RADIO, five years before Marconi. Wireless transmission of Power. X-Ray photography. The LASER.

Tesla bounced the beam of a laser off of the surface of the Moon in 1900.

The Electron Microscope.

His Alternating Currents System, through WESTINGHOUSE, not EDISON'S Direct Current System, Lighted the Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893.

You have seen the photographs, it was MAGNIFICENT.

Edison NEVER forgave him. in fact, Edison spent his last years sabotaging Tesla's every invention, particularly A/C....

Mark Twain has simply written the finest books ever published in the english language.

No one has come along to replace him in the slightest.

His love of INVENTIONS and GADGETS drew him to TESLA like a magnet. TWAIN'S home was the most MODERN of it's time....He went BROKE trying to keep up with all the latest ELECTRONICS and MACHINERY and MOTORS...

It was the GADGETS. And the practical jokes....

TELSA bet TWAIN that he could make him go to the BATHROOM on Command.

Twain, though a firm believer in Tesla's wizardly accomplishments, doubted severely that this was within the realm of even remote possibility.

Tesla asked Twain to step up onto a metal platform that sat on a wooden box.

Twain complied. Tesla twisted a dial...A few seconds passed...Twain yelped, grabbed his bottom, and ran to the nearest commode, shaking his fist and calling Tesla every blue word in the dictionary...

Only a Friend would do that to you...

Tesla had discovered the secrets of induced VIBRATIONS....

His experiment with a larger model of the device caused the first EARTHQUAKE that New York City had ever experienced. When the authorities showed up at Tesla's Laboratory, they found Tesla busy smashing up the machine with a sledgehammer-it was the only way to stop it once things got going...

And Nikola Tesla was just getting STARTED....

He next wanted to build a radio device capable of contacting and communicating with the folks of The MOON, MARS and VENUS!

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