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The Broadcast Networks of America, ABC, CBS, NBC, in the days when the THREE were all that WAS, were approached by NASA to cover the historic landing of APOLLO 11.

The Astronauts were actually going to get out of the craft and walk the SURFACE of the MOON!

The Networks were excited. This was, indeed, HISTORIC! Big NEWS! They planned the even for MONTHS....

They sent along their BEST CAMERAS and all the best EQUIPMENT, their best TECHNICIANS and NEWSMEN....

HASSELBLAD cameras were the best in the WORLD at the time...

And all that came back from the moon were blurry, static-filled, unclear images...

They were FURIOUS at NASA, and have never really covered another one of their launches with the same ENTHUSIASM...No more TEARS from Walter Cronkite...The FIX was on...NASA was HIDING something....

To prove it, ALL of the TAPES of the APOLLO 11 Moonwalk have been....LOST!

Archivists and HD enthusiasts have been trying to locate these tapes for 10 years now.....

NASA has no explanation, says the Apollo 11 tapes have merely been "MIS-PLACED, they are likely somewhere in the Kennedy Center...Men from around the world have been poring through the Kennedy Space Center since 2006-No Luck yet!

Imagine the Moon Walk in HD!

Well, the QUALITY should have been similar back in 1969!

The Networks felt that NASA blurred the images on purpose and ruined their broadcasts!

The NETWORKS were even going to go so far as to SUE NASA for the mis-use of their equipment!

But the actually TAPES were PERFECT....

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