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The WellBeam

The WellBeam


The Well Beam can be found exclusively at and
The Well Beam is the Mercedes of home-care use. The patented combination of blue, red and infrared frequencies combine the known benefits of shallow penetration of blue light waves to help reduce minor skin conditions caused by bed sores and acne, with the deep thermal penetration of infrared heat therapy to help reduce stress and for temporary relief of pain and inflammation-without any known side effects. The light therapy products device is a one-time purchase and therefore hundreds and even thousands of dollars can be saved, unlike pain relief products which need to be purchased monthly and over long periods of time. We suggest combining specially composed music CD's (see Product/Sound Therapy page) to create a full body relaxation effect. With the mind relaxed and the body warmed by the topical infrared heat, light therapy can promote faster relief.

The Well Beam is a light emitting device that measures 6" x 5" x 1". It is manufactured in a hard plastic case and contains 24 high intensity Blue light emitting diodes (LED's), 12 Red LED's and 12 Infrared LED's, for a total of 48 LED's. The unit comes standard with a 12vdc wall plug and can deliver a total power output of 66.5mw with the Blue, Red and Infrared on at the same time. Included with the unit is a cigarette power adapter for using the unit while driving.
exclusively at
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This is the product that was heard on the coast to coast show with george noory and paul guercio.

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