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NOVA Light Therapy System

NOVA Light Therapy System


The Nova at
Designed exclusively for in-home use. Timer for our patented EPS Treatment, telling you when to move the device onto the next area. 7 user-controlled settings you decide which work best for you. Full Cycle Setting take the guess work out of finding the right frequency for your pain relief. Simple to use. No negative side effects. Plugs into any standard wall outlet U.S. voltage only. FDA and Health Canada cleared. ISO Certified. Call customer service for international standards. Includes Free Sound Therapy Deep Relaxation CD, and instructional DVD. Also included is our 'proprietary protocols' to help possibly advance your experience with wellness. exclusively at
Please also take the time to download our free ebook about our light therapy co. and how we can help you.
This is the product that was heard on the coast to coast show with george noory and paul guercio.

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