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ANTI-TIME re-writing History

ANTI-TIME re-writing History

This ancient Metal Box was discovered in an ancient SHIPWRECK by sponge divers off the coast of CRETE, near the island of ANTIKYTHERA.

This would have been a WONDER had it been manufactured just a CENTURY ago....

But the ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM is well over 2000 years old!

It was loaded with strange metal GEARS and GREEK writing that was, due to corrosion, difficult to make out.

Modern Science has finally been able to decode the writing and solve the mystery of what the device was intended for.

It's use was THREE-FOLD:

A STAR ALMANAC that kept track of the rising and setting of prominent stars and the annual cycle of ZODIAC SIGNS.

AN OLYMPIC CALENDAR which tracked the timing and location of OLYMPIC GAMES-that is the brass dial at far left...

A Metonic and Egyptian CALENDAR!

The level of workmanship is FAR ABOVE what has been widely accepted as possible for the time...

There is NO EXPLANATION.......

The RESEARCH goes on....

And this is just the TIP of the iceberg, as far as unexplainable ancient technology goes...

They have found 100,000 year old SPARK PLUGS, among other ASTOUNDING artifacts, lately......

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