500,000 year old SPARK PLUG

500,000 year old SPARK PLUG

This is called THE COSO ARTIFACT.

On February 13, 1961, Virginia Maxey, Wallace Lane, and Mike Mikesell, while rock hunting, discovered a fossil shell encrusted GEODE.

They took it back to their gem shop in Olancha, California.

Mike Mikesell attempted to cut open what he assumed to be a Geode. He ruined a diamond-tipped blade in the process-what he found INSIDE the geode has turned HISTORY on it's ear.

It was a CERAMIC, STEEL and COPPER Spark Plug!

In fact, they could not figure out just WHAT the object was. Someone mentioned that it looked like a Spark Plug.

Ron Calais took X-Rays of the object...

The x-rays were sent to the "SPARK PLUG COLLECTORS of AMERICA" on a whim.

Not only did the Spark Plug Collectors
identify the object as a Spark Plug, they assumed that someone was making a joke at their expense!

They stated that it was a 1920's era CHAMPION SPARK PLUG!

The shell-encrusted GEODE or whatever the rock was composed of was analyzed and found to be over 500,000 years old.

A NAIL, WASHER and SPRING were also found in the material....!

Hasn't been debunked yet!

Of course, the object has DISAPPEARED!

But ALL the X-rays remain.....

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