The Son of Abraham Lincoln was saved from certain death by the Brother of John Wilkes Booth.

Amazing, but TRUE.

In Fact, the man who told the tale was Robert Todd Lincoln himself.

Edwin Booth was a PROUD member of a distinguished STAGE family. His father was an incredible actor in his day. In fact, he may have feigned ILLNESS one night in order to give his son a chance to shine in the role that made the father famous, "HAMLET".

Edwin Booth was a sensation that night, and performed the role for 100 successive nights, a feat unbroken 'til John Barrymore's 101 night run 70 years later.

Edwin Booth was considered to be the greatest actor of his time.

One night, as Robert Todd Lincoln was waiting to purchase tickets for the Sleeping Car at a train station, he found himself pressed up against the train cars by the surging crowd.

Suddenly, the train began to move forward, which spun Lincoln around and caused him to fall feet first between cars. He was jammed into a tight spot.

Had the car lurched forward, as it was seconds away from doing, The upper half of Lincoln's body would have been twisted completely around while the bottom half remained stationary.

Not a pretty way to die. Not a quick way to die. Death comes when the person is freed from the train....

Victims that have been in this situation feel no pain, really. They are coherent and are kept alive until the next of kin has had an opportunity for last goodbyes. They pull the train away from the victim, the body twists back, the trapped BLOOD surges through the body.....

Robert Lincoln was contemplating all this when, suddenly, a pair of strong hands seized him by the shoulders and lifted him bodily from between the two cars....The TRAIN then lurched forward.....

He looked into the face of his saviour...It was famous stage actor EDWIN BOOTH! Lincoln recognized him and thanked him by name.

Booth made nothing of it, accepted Lincoln's thanks and strode off across the crowded platform.

Not long afterward, John Wilkes Booth Assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.....

Edwin Booth was MORTIFIED. The entire family was SHAMED forever. Edwin Booth tried to revive his career years later, to no avail.

He would never allow the mentioning of his Brother in his presence.

Edwin Booth was told the tale of what he had done for Robert Lincoln by the commanding officer of Robert Lincoln's army brigade, the only person that Lincoln had told the story to.

This was the only comfort that Edwin Booth had in his remaining years.

That is John Wilkes Booth and brother JUNIUS in the photo at left...


Doesn't Edwin Booth, sitting there with his daughter EDWINA, look a LOT like Robert Downey Jr.?

Robert Lincoln resembles Johnny Depp or Matt Damon. I know those two don't look alike, but.....just look!

They have made MOVIES from THINNER plots.....

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