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Marilyn Monroe could not have known that her legacy would would include, in addition to the normal Movie Star mumbo-jumbo, ALLEGATIONS of Presidential Affairs, Mafia Ties, Murder and Sex Tapes.

In order to piece it all together, you must read from SEVERAL sources, up to and including Sammy Davis Jr.'s memoirs, Frank Sinatra's Memoirs and Bios, Sam GIANCANA and the Mob Books,
and all the Marilyn Stuff.

You will discover that not only did she INDEED have an AFFAIR with John F. Kennedy, she was passed along to BOBBY as a consolation prize once Kennedy was elected President.

There are THE CUSACK LETTERS. These documents surfaced in the 90's. HANDWRITTEN love letters from John Kennedy to Marilyn Monroe that detailed a lot more than their bedroom activities. They also disclosed the peculiar relationship between the KENNEDYS and MOB BOSS Sam Giancana....

Fascinating Stuff.

More fascinating when you find that not only was Kennedy's handwriting AUTHENTICATED by experts, Lex Cusack, who sold the letters for more than six million dollars, was placed in Federal Prison for FRAUD, the letters CONFISCATED, the BUYERS out of 6 Million dollars because the Kennedy Family wants all the letters DESTROYED!

If they are indeed FAKE, then why destroy them?

They are REAL....

Sammy Davis Jr. SWEARS that he was PUNCHED in the stomach by Sam Giancana himself. Seems that Giancana wanted something on an uncooperative Marilyn, so he DRUGGED her at the CAL-NEVA Lodge (which straddles the state line between NEVADA and CALIFORNIA) and FORCED her to perform sex acts on various gentlemen....ALL was FILMED...

When Sammy tried to prevent this nefarious act, he was incapacitated and ejected from the room....

There is SO MUCH.

Frank Sinatra's valet SWEARS that he witnessed Joseph Kennedy, FATHER of the Kennedy Clan and personal PAL of Sam Giancana, frolicking with prostitutes wearing nothing but a pair of CHAPS....MORE THAN ONCE.

Seems Joe liked to mount them like horses and have them carry him about the house before getting busy with them.

The people that were present for all of this are CERTAIN that Marilyn was killed to keep her mouth SHUT after she was dumped by John F.....

Joe Kennedy became Giancana's ENEMY after they engineered John's election.
BOBBY, who was made ATTORNEY GENERAL, went after the mob with a VENGEANCE.

Maybe got his brother killed....

Joe never had to be "TAKEN OUT"....

He suffered a Massive Stroke that left him alive but rendered him TOTALLY INCAPACITATED.

He never spoke another WORD while he lived...

BOBBY was assassinated not long afterward.....

Frank Sinatra, who was INCREDIBLY instrumental in the Kennedy Election, switched parties and became a REPUBLICAN afterward....

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