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A woman brighter than the sun materialized one day in front of three children tending sheep in a field in Portugal.

The year was 1917, the world was at WAR, and reports of THE ANGELS OF MONS, which had occurred three years earlier in BELGIUM, were still in the minds of a war weary world.

The children were of course startled, but at the same time COMFORTED, for this woman was someone they had known of all their lives, someone they had seen every time they went to CHURCH.

The VISION stated the she was the VIRGIN MARY, and the children KNEW that this was TRUE....

She had THREE secrets to impart to the children, three MYSTERIOUS secrets that held the key to MANKIND'S future..

The Virgin Mary appeared twice more, each time on the 13th day of the following two months, June and July 1917.

On August 13th, before the children could make their way to the field for another meeting, the top official of the town of FATIMA, a FREEMASON, had the children ARRESTED and placed in jail when they would not divulge their secrets to him.

They stated that the LADY would appear again, this time with irrefutable PROOF of her divinity.

On October 13th, THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people flocked to the area to see a MIRACLE....They were not disappointed.

There had been a heavy rain all morning that did not begin to clear until the children were allowed to join the flocks of miracle seekers.

Lucia Santos, oldest of the children, shouted and pointed to the sky....

The SUN began to dance and RELIGIOUS FIGURES began to walk through the halls of air...The sun changed in color from SILVER to SCARLET to PURPLE and made movements that were not in accordance with any natural laws...

The sun suddenly turned BLUE and bathed the onlookers in a cobalt HEAT...


This has NEVER been refuted, there were too many witnesses...The VATICAN judges this to be the only real, confirmed MIRACLE ever witnessed....

What of the THREE SECRETS?

ONE: A vision of HELL...It DOES exist for the EVIL.

TWO: How to SAVE one from HELL. Daily Prayer for their souls, the KISSING of Rosary Beads being a great part of this remedy...

THREE: Was written down and sealed in an envelope, with instructions from the VIRGIN MARY that it not be opened until 1960.

Come 1960, the VATICAN refused to divulge the secret.

On June 26th, 2000, the final secret was revealed.....

The DEATH of the POPE and ALL religious FIGURES!

The END of institutionalized RELIGION by BLOODY VIOLENCE!

A VISION of the POPE and other religious figures being lead to the top of a HILL and EXECUTED by machine-gun fire!

The END of Religion....


Only VISITS by BEINGS from other Planets could ever possibly bring that about, Folks...

There are those that feel that the THIRD SECRET says MUCH MORE than has been revealed...

There is SO MUCH more to this story than I can put in this small space, so LOOK IT UP for the rest!

What was happening in the early sixties that kept the VATICAN from releasing the third secret as they were instructed to by DIVINITY?

A flurry of UFOS, my Friends!

The photos you see above were taken at the time of the Sun Dance, OCTOBER 13th, 1917.

So, you see, there IS photographic evidence! This is no apocryphal tale!

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