This is the WILLIAMETTE Meteorite.

Found hundreds of years ago in the Williamette Valley area of OREGON.

At 15.5 TONS, it is the largest meteorite ever found in the U.S.

Science has been studying and trying to classify this genuine ANOMALY since 1906. It has been described as the ROSETTA Stone of meteorites.

Described as a REMNANT washed out of the earth by the GREAT FLOOD, most scientists believe that it is nothing of the sort. You see, they can only explain away the great gaping CAVITIES as a process of water EROSION.

This is the HARDEST known metal on Earth. Water could NOT have done this.
This landed INTACT on Earth BILLIONS of years ago.

Something CAME OUT OF IT!

To Wit: "The microscopic structure of the meteorite is UNUSUALLY complicated and suggest a UNIQUE set of EVENTS subsequent to it's original formation, YET to be analyzed."

They have been working on this thing for over 100 years and still cannot say conclusively just WHAT this really is.

It is FAR MORE than just a meteorite.

And no FLOOD or GLACIAL movement caused the cavities to appear.

This just could be the SEED of LIFE for the entire EARTH!

How the ALIENS placed US here.....

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