These are the actual pieces of wreckage from a UFO crash in Cambodia on the island of PHU QUOC.

On May 27th, 2008, a loud explosion was heard before DEBRIS rained down on Phu Quoc island.

The Minister of Defense stated plainly that it was a UFO.

There were NO MISSING PLANES or aircraft of any kind. The explosion occurred at least 5 MILES above the island.

The inhabitants of the Phu Quoc mobilized, believing there had been an air disaster.

All that they found were the shards of metal in the above photos.

The wreckage had HIEROGLYPHICS inscribed upon them.

A few of the shards GLOWED with power...

More pieces of wreckage were found miles further up the coast in the village of Kampot.

All the wreckage was collected by the Military...Familiar tale, eh?

It has been 2 years...Still nothing additional has been reported, aside from a few CRACKPOT theories...

And there are enough of those...Disinformation is the GAME when it comes to anything ALIEN related.

If these things do not really exist, why does the MILITARY always show up?

Where are they when there is a HUMAN Air Disaster? Their help must be REQUESTED by the airline involved!

What HAPPENS after the Military collects whatever is left over?

And what makes these SOPHISTICATED BEINGS explode in our skies? Is the MILITARY always involved somehow?

HAARP, anyone?

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