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Would you rather be doing what you are doing for a living, LIVING where you're living, playing those video games, watching those movies.....


Would you rather be out there in the EXPANDING Solar System and BEYOND?

This world is getting SMALLER-I can look up your HOUSE and BACK YARD on Google Earth, whether you live in BOSTON or BAHRAIN....

A TREMENDOUS thing, going unnoticed, just like the rest of the universe...We can see it ALL, we just have to be interested enough to LOOK...

The Government can actually look at your HOME from SPACE now, and you can bet they DO. CITIZENS are up in ARMS around the world on this matter, but for America, it is already too late....

Can't LIE to the dedicated BILL COLLECTOR any longer---They can see how many CARS you have, all with the aid of GOOGLE EARTH....

This is IMPORTANT, folks!

The ALIENS have been doing this for YEARS, FOREVER....Compiling information about our every habit, watching our MOVIES, NEWS, TELEVISION PROGRAMS...Watching us BARBECUE, play SPORTS, Romancing in the park....

Now the GOVERNMENTS of the WORLD can do so, and I say it is ILL for the future!

Some kid set a MALL on fire in SACRAMENTO or ROSEVILLE the other day.
He HOLED UP inside for awhile and created a possible TERRORIST incident, it was said that he had a BOMB in a backpack....

Before an hour had passed, they had every bit of info you can imagine on him, old girlfriends on television talking about him, all of his personal info, that his MOM had kicked him out of the house, etc.


They went to his FACEBOOK page!

I say this is ILL for the future.

Be accused of a CRIME, your FACEBOOK account will do you in!

Hide your moolah from the Government, they can verify the state of your PROPERTY from Space!

Make an ADDITION to your house, the COUNTY will know instantly!

The World is getting smaller, folks....

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