Pg&E NEVER does ANYTHING for the benefit for the customer.

Better watch out for the SMART METER program!

Pacific Gas and Electricity has a HISTORY of SUBTERFUGE and DECEPTION.

How deceptive? I recently received a KNOCK at my door. The friendly neighborhood Meter reader was on my doorstep with GOOD NEWS!

Man said he was there to help me out by replacing my OLD, out-of-date GAS and Electric meters! These new meters would save me MONEY!

Oh JOY, I said! Give me a chance to get my shoes on, I'm a SNOOP, I would like to see how it is done!

"GREAT!" he said...

I reached for my shoes, put them on my feet, and headed for the back yard. The gate was still open, but the PG and E dude was GONE!

It had been less than, I SWEAR, 20 seconds...Where was he? Why didn't he replace the meters as stated? I went to look at the meters, maybe something was amiss.

There was! The guy LIED! He Had ALREADY replaced the meters before knocking on my door! He didn't expect that I would want to come out and check!

Either that, or he is the world's FASTEST meter replacer!

And here I was feeling SORRY for Meter readers. The SMART METER means the LOSS of EMPLOYMENT for ALL Meter Readers. It has happened across EUROPE already...

The HEAD of the SMART METER program, William Devereaux, tried to infiltrate an ANTI-SMART METER grass roots organization recently. He logged in as "RALPH", an Oakland, Ca., resident, concerned about the new meter recently installed at his home....But he mistakenly left his real name on the E-mail....

PG and E FIRED him to save face....

The NEW HEAD is GREG KIRALY. You may have reason to REMEMBER this name in the near future.

Fresno residents have experienced HUGE spikes in their bills....

A family on a month-long vacation arrived to find a bill for $500.00 awaiting them...No one was home for OVER 30 days, and their power usage during this period went UP!

A FARMER received a bill for nearly $12,000 for a machine that was not operational, had never even been PLUGGED IN!

Word of ADVICE: Watch your power consumption between 4-7 pm ALWAYS, not just on hot days....

They will hit you at NOON, when most people are still at work and no one is home....

And, if you are growing any HERB, they can not only tell you how much power you are using at night, they can even tell you what kind of GROW LIGHTS you are using!

Pg and E NARCS on you, MAN! How do you think those big growers get caught?

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