Bush Drunk at Olympics

Bush Drunk at Olympics

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The national embarrassment that is our president once again raises its reddened face. In photographs from the Olympics in China, it appears that recovering souse, George W. Bush, is relapsing.

In one picture his face is flushed, his eyes droop, and his expression is dopey. In all fairness, that may be his normal expression. However, the bloody scrape on his arm suggests that he has recently taken a less than normal fall.

In the other picture, Bush appears to be having trouble remaining upright without considerable help. It takes three men to prop up the wobbly boozer-in-chief.

Donâ??t it make ya feel proud?

This is the man that John McCainâ??s 3rd term would seek to emulate if, Heaven forbid, he gets the chance. However, this is not the first evidence of Bushâ??s backsliding. First and foremost, that high bar of American journalism, the National Enquirer, wrote about it three years ago.

EOnline reported last year that Bushâ??s return to drinking drove Laura to move out of the White House and to a possible split-up. Other rumors had her house hunting in Dallas for a post-presidency home away from George.

Both the Globe and Examiner covered Lauraâ??s â??eruptionâ? at her hubbyâ??s imbibing.

Just last month Bush accused Wall Street of getting drunk and having a hangover. Perhaps they were binging together. We know how close they are.

This is a president who canâ??t stay upright on a bicycle and who nearly chokes to death on pretzels. Maybe weâ??ll get a better picture of the man when Oliver Stoneâ??s movie â??Wâ? is released in a couple of months. Stoneâ??s script reportedly has Bush Sr. telling his no-good progeny thatâ?¦

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