When I was a kid, all the COOL guys in our neighborhood, the ones that taught you how to play Baseball, the guys with the pack of cigarettes rolled up in a shirt sleeve, cigarette behind the ear; the ones that set you straight on how to behave OUTSIDE your house-those were the ones that got scooped up and cast into VIETNAM.

The few that DID come back came back WEIRD.




You AVOIDED them, 'cause you were just a kid and the things they told you about were MOST disturbing....

We can't afford to avoid them now. Not just because it it VETERAN'S DAY, but for the LESSON that they represent about the LIMITS of America's POWER and COMPASSION.

Not one these guys ASKED to get that GUN in the hand, that KICK in the head...

That a VETERAN, after all that they STILL go through for US, should EVER have to ask to be treated FAIRLY by our Government, should ever have to petition or fill out FORMS just to get MEDICAL treatment....!?

It is EXACTLY why I wouldn't sacrifice myself for THIS or any other GOVERNMENT on EARTH!

I went to an Air Show last year that honored all of these surviving VETS from World War II. There were not very many.

I made sure I shook the hand of each one of them and let them know how much I appreciated their making the kind of SACRIFICE that I could NEVER make.

Unless FORCED to.

Have you hugged a VET today?

It is the LEAST that you could do....!

My DAD is a VET, so I'm covered....

And, should the ALIENS be HOSTILE, I'm READY!

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