SETI. Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life.

All this time, NEVER really found ANYTHING at all, except for errant "WOW" signals.

Sorry, Folks, but that is all BULL....

The Government abandoned funding SETI years ago, SETI now depends upon donations from the common man...And they are LYING to US!

Did you know that SETI employs ANTI-CRYPTOGRAPHERS?



The perfect technicians for attempting TRANSLATION of ALIEN LANGUAGES!

NASA has been training AUDIO RECEIVERS at the Moon for 50 years or more, so they KNOW that there are people living there, have likely already cracked the language barrier...So, what do they need SETI for?

NIKOLA TESLA, GUGLIELMO MARCONI and several other turn-of-the-century Radio Geniuses all SWORE that they had received signals from MARS and the MOON!

They ruled out atmospheric disturbances and all other factors.

And they went to their graves CONVINCED that the signals were indeed generated by intelligent LIFE.

SETI has 40 or so radio receivers pointed at the heavens, but they are pushing for at least 300 in total!

They are scanning less than one per cent of the galaxy...All they need do is train their attention upon the MOON and their jobs will be done....

They HAVE found signals from intelligent planets.

They are DECIPHERING the languages....

It is a HELL of a job. It took, I think, 50 years to decipher the ROSETTA STONE, and those were KNOWN Earth languages....

I would contribute to SETI if they stated that they were deciphering Alien Languages....

And, GET THIS: SETI wants to use YOUR HOME COMPUTER, during your down-time, to HELP with the computing!

Isn't it a SHAME and that MAN of 1900 was MORE than ready to accept the FACT of intelligent Alien Life?

It is a testament to the POWER of Government Disinformation that we seem to have LOST that belief!

Not YOU guys. I realize that I am Preaching to the Converted here at DISCLOSE.TV....

THANKS for reading....

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