The GREAT, incredibly BEAUTIFUL and VIVACIOUS Carole Lombard.

Carole's mother, Elizabeth, BEGGED her daughter not to board TWA flight 3 on January 16, 1942.

Elizabeth Knight was an amateur Astrologer and Numerologist. The signs were not good, the NUMBERS added up to Death and Disaster. Carole, in a hurry to get home to husband Clark Gable, ignored the pleaded warning......

Carole Lombard was born Jane Alice Peters in 1908, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her mother and Father divorced in 1914. That same year, Carole's mother moved with her children to Los Angeles, Ca.

Carole, a natural Tomboy, was "DISCOVERED" playing baseball in the street by director Allan Dwan.

After working for PATHE, Mack Sennett, William FOX, and Daryl Zanuck, her career began to flounder. She was much too saucy and flippant for most of the "Serious" movie producers and directors of the time.

But, in 1932, that flippant sauciness became her ticket to the big time.

Howard Hawks, the man whom discovered Lauren Bacall a few years later, found in Carole exactly what was needed for his next film "TWENTIETH CENTURY", where he cast her alongside John Barrymore. She was re-discovered by the public and subsequently became the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Her best films were:

MY MAN GODFREY with Willam Powell
NO MAN OF HER OWN with Clark Gable
TO BE OR NOT TO BE with Jack Benny
NOTHING SACRED with Fredric March
MR. AND MRS. SMITH w/Robert Montgomery

She married William Powell for two short years. Then met the love of her life, the GREAT Clark Gable.

The couple were married during a break in the filming of "GONE WITH THE WIND".

She became exactly what Gable needed, taking up HUNTING with such fervor that she soon became a better shot than Gable, David Niven or John Barrymore, Gable's hunting buddies.

Carole was a big supporter of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The President asked Clark Gable to go on tour with his wife to support the purchasing of War Bonds. Gable begged out of it, he had a film commitment to honor, but Carole insisted on going.

Clark tried to talk her out of attending, but she was adamant.

Gable stayed behind in Hollywood, Lombard headed to Fort Wayne, Indiana with her mother Elizabeth and publicist Otto Winkler.

At the end of the rally, they were supposed to take a train back to Los Angeles, but Carole insisted on flying, knowing that she could secure places for the three aboard the next flight leaving Fort Wayne---

Elizabeth was HORRIFIED. She had just done a reading that spelled bad tidings, the Flight number, the Date, the number of occupants scheduled to fly- Disaster was in the wind.

Carole ignored her mother. She placed a call to Gable and told him to expect her.

Gable knew she was only coming back early to catch him in the act with another woman. So he purchased a Blonde Dummy that was made up to look like Carole and placed it in the bed that they shared.....

In the early hours of Jan. 16, 1942, Gable received word that Carole's flight was late in arriving at the Las Vegas airport.

Someone had reported seeing a fireball on Mount Potosi, which was along the flight path and lay about three miles outside of Las Vegas......

Clark Gable and friend Eddie Mannix, one of the heads of MGM Studios, drove pell mell to Las Vegas to begin the search.

Mannix insisted that Clark wait below the summit, knowing that he would not be able to handle the worst.

A terrible sight awaited....

Mannix was only able to recognize the diamond EARRINGS he had given to Carole as a wedding gift....

An inconsolable Gable returned home alone and entered the bedroom.....

Only to find the Blonde Dummy that he had set up the night before......

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