Aluminum was finally figured out in 1886.

It was once the most PRECIOUS METAL ON EARTH, worth FAR more than GOLD! the KINGS of FRANCE gave ALUMINUM as a gift to their most important folk. GOLD was for the second raters.....

ALUMINUM was once called ALUMINIUM.

It is the most abundant mineral comprising the Earth's Crust, in fact, 8.3% of the surface of the planet is composed of Aluminium, but is EXTREMELY rare in Nature....

Man did not find a way to make Aluminum in abundance until after 1886.

So how do we account for this GIRDER of ALUMINUM found beneath 10,000 year old MASTODON BONES in a QUARRY in ROMANIA?

It is flatly IMPOSSIBLE, Folks!

The GIRDER is said to resemble EXACTLY the Landing Gear of our Apollo spacecrafts!

Aluminum is NON-SPARKING, NON-MAGNETIC and it resists CORROSION, which makes it PERFECT for use in the space industry.

But it takes over 1,000 degrees of heat to be produced, IMPOSSIBLE temperatures for primitive man to achieve.....

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