Nasa is getting us ready, Folks....

Do you really think the tale they were telling us last week was about the GFAJ-1 Bacterium, that ARSENIC eating wonder that they "discovered" at Mono Lake, California?

EVERYTHING that lives in and around Mono Lake is pretty much SPECIFIC to that area, due to the high amounts of ALKALI in the area.

The BIRDS. The INSECTS. The strange CREATURES that dwell within it's waters.

All that live within it's environs have evolved for survival in this somewhat toxic region of the world.

I don't need NASA or SCIENCE to tell me that. Anyone who has ever visited the spot comes away with that rudimentary knowledge.

Just ask Huell Howser.....

Point is, EVERY SCIENTIST IN THE WORLD is attacking NASA'S claims. This is VOODOO SCIENCE at it's best. NOTHING adds up.

The DATA is flawed, the conditions under which the tests were set up are SUSPECT, the conclusions reached LAUGHABLE.

To each scientist's mounting FURY, NASA is once again in the "NO COMMENT" mode. How many scientists have the luxury of releasing debatable information and then not answer a single question regarding such material?


AHH! But there's the rub.....!

NASA is just getting the world ready, cushioning the BLOW.....

Yes, they will tell us that there is LIFE in the Solar System, sometime SOON, I would think.

But FIRST they must cover their ASSES, so to speak, MAKE AN EXCUSE FOR ALL THE LIES OF THE PAST, by saying that they had not considered ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES!


Notice that, once again, SHADES of the MODERN AGE:

WOMEN are BEING USED to deliver this particular tidbit of info....

The lead MICROBIOLOGIST behind this fraudulent science is FELISA WOLF-SIMON....

The UNIVERSITY of BRITISH COLUMBIA'S Microbiology Professor ROSIE REDFIELD is OUTRAGED by NASA'S claims. She states that NASA did not take all the steps necessary to wash away the other types of MOLECULES, which means that the ARSENIC may have merely clung onto the bacterium, NOT become part of it's DNA.

NASA also fed the bacterium SALTS which may have contained all of the PHOSPHORUS necessary for survival, meaning that the bacterium may have never consumed the arsenic.

These are just two of GLARING MISTAKES that critics would love to have resolved.

NASA remains MUM.

They know that the DATA is FORCED and FLAWED.

This is NOT ABOUT science.

This is about PSYCHOLOGY.....

Last year it was WATER ON THE MOON, with promises of MORE incredible news, which they backed off on....

A month or so ago, that BLACK HOLE nothingness.....

Now they are telling us that they have to RECONSIDER what constitutes LIFE!

THAT is the STORY between the lines!

SOMETHING is happening that NASA may not be in control of!


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