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The Biblical tale of Daniel is one of the most amazing.

Daniel and three companions were brought before the king of Babylon while they were still children. They were groomed to be advisors in the Royal Court.

Daniel, though known for his extreme intelligence, was more highly prized for his skill as a "Dream Interpreter".

King NEBUCHADNEZZAR was the first to benefit from Daniel's wise counsel,but Daniel could not save him, Nebuchadnezzar was fated to die an early death, his fate written upon the walls of his palace by divine hands...

The new king, DARIUS, also favored Daniel, appointing him to extremely him positions within his court.

He became much beloved of the king, which ignited jealousy in the hearts of all but his three companions...

But the other princes of the realm wanted him gone. So they began snooping into his private life, searching from any impropriety at all that would bring him shame in the eyes of the king.

They could find none. Daniel was a pious man that prayed to MECCA every day. So they decided to influence DARIUS to pass a law against anyone praying to Man or God for a period of 30 days, knowing how devout Daniel was.

Anyone caught asking for blessing from either God or Man would be thrown into a den of lions.

They arranged for Daniel to be caught in the act of praying during the proscribed period.

With a heavy heart, Darius placed Daniel into the lion's den....King Darius said to Daniel "May your god, whom you always serve, save you".

When Daniel emerged unhurt the next morning, Darius was overjoyed. Daniel claimed that his God did indeed save him by sending an angel to keep the lion's mouths shut....

Darius had the jealous princes, as a penalty for tricking him into passing the anti-prayer law, cast into the same den.

The did not re-emerge.....

DANIEL lived a LONG life, possibly over 100 years. His prophesies all came true...In fact, he was so accurate that many bible scholars assert that he must have lived at least 200 years later than we have come to believe.

He predicted the rise and fall of EMPIRES, named future RULERS by name......

Quite a remarkable individual....

There, of course, is FAR more to the story than I can relate here....

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