For Dee Brown.

The use of CHOCTAW languages helped to defeat German Code Breakers during WW1.

Navajo Code talkers helped in every major campaign of WW2. The Japanese code breakers had never before heard the strange, guttural and high-pitched sounds that issued forth from their interceptors.

The Navajo language is one of the most complicated in the world. So complicated that only 30 Navajo in the world understood it in all it's complexities at the outbreak of WW2.

We probably could not have won the war in the Pacific theater without them.

Where are the great Navajo today?

Tucked away, living in misery in the deserts of the Southwest.....

Where are the SIOUX?

Where are the Choctaws? The Suisunes? The Shawnee? The Chickasaw? The Mohegans? The Kickapoo? The Winnebagos?
The Pottawotamies? The Creeks?

The Seminoles? The Wampanoags? The Chesapeakes? The Powhatans? The Mohawks? The Iriquois? The Senecas? The Miamis? The Huron? The Machapungas? The Pequots?

Where are the Narragansett? The Mohicans? The Pokanoket?


Genocide, American Style.

But someday, someone may be asking the same thing about US.

Once the ALIENS come on down....

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