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Someone has asked for an explanation of just what I THINK I see here in what appears to be just a garden of rocks.

What I am trying to show, despite the over-pixelation of the expanded and sharpened photo, is the fact that EVERY "Rock" that I have pointed out on Mars has strange carvings on them....

Indecipherable, scrimshaw looking CARVINGS.

Most important are the METALLIC BUILDINGS that are atop each "ROCK".

No matter what, these metal shapes DO NOT appear as a result of overbusy pixels.

They are there whether the photo is sharped and enlarged or not. You can see them with the naked eye in the original photo "Some things have been removed".

These cannot be natural, weather beaten effects...They are ORGANIZED structures. Alien Buildings, to MY eye...

And I don't think those are just "carvings" on the "Rocks"....

Alien Architecture that I won't pretend to understand, but you will find them when you look closely at nearly any rock in the "Mars Rovers" photos....

Nasa has likely been FAKING the SCALE of objects on MARS....and The Moon...

I do not believe that we are the only people in this Solar System. If that were true, that we are ALONE, then we would have colonized the Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury by now. We have the technology.

We could be on the MOON within 12 hours nowadays. Have the beginnings of a Colony or Laboratory set up within 24 hours. Have supplies and materials transported by robot ships.....

This was all worked out by Werner Von Braun and others in the late 50's, when the trip was less safe and far longer. In fact, once the first satellite photos of the Moon came back, NASA decided to send UNMANNED PROBES to the Moon. But they knew that the American public, after the Russian SPUTNIK and Yuri Gagarin successes, would want to outdo the Communists.

NASA had to send men in order to outdo the Russians, who were only going to send a probe.

But it would be dangerous.....

That's why FIGHTER PILOTS were sent.

TEST PILOTS. Men of unquestioned LOYALTY and BRAVERY.

Men who can keep a SECRET. Who do well under pressure. Men who don't crack.

Military Men for the most part, though NASA is not a military agency!

NASA had to send Men to the Moon. It needed the publicity. It needed the funding.

That's WHY Man has been to the Moon and NOWHERE else.

We could be on Mars within 40 days, maybe LESS. Werner Von Braun also worked out EVERY detail of what it would take to get to Mars back in 1960. Nasa had every intention on sending MAN to Mars. Until the first Moon and MARS photos started coming back.

VENUS? Who REALLY knows what the temperatures are there? But, if 450 degrees are a problem, that is only TWICE AS HOT on the surface of the Moon, in direct sunlight...I'm sure we can compensate for that by now....

MERCURY actually does have a light and dark side for six months each year, so HEAT is not really a problem there if we can manage to stay out of direct sunlight...

We were all set, arrogantly, back in the Forties and Fifties to strike out for other worlds. We didn't worry about POLLUTION, or OVER-POPULATION or DEFORESTATION or anything else, we believed that we would soon be on other worlds anyway. It was in ALL of the Science Fiction. Man was DESTINED for the STARS.


Then the UFOS started to proliferate..

And we started to see the REAL surfaces of the Moon and Mars....

And we decided that CONSERVATION, as Teddy Roosevelt had said, was WISEST.

We are TRAPPED on this planet, at least for now.....

I believe that the main factor for the creation of LIFE in the universe is LIGHT.

If light reaches a Planet, Life will sprout. If light ENERGY reaches, there will be Life. SUNLIGHT is what makes us. Trapped SUNLIGHT is what causes WOOD or COAL or OIL to burn....

The very VARIETY of life on Earth makes me believe strongly that life can exist anywhere else, in ANY form.

After such a long-winded explanation, don't you regret asking the question now?

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