Did Ancient Egyptian Royalty consume Lotus Flowers?

Did they dry and crush the leaves of the Lotus Flower and ingest them as part of a religious ritual?

This was the question that prompted German scientists at the Egyptian Museum in Munich to initiate a search into whether or not the Pharaohs knew about the psychedelic properties of the Lotus.

What they found was STARTLING...

Nearly every mummy examined showed traces of COCAINE, Marijuana and Nicotine, substances that, if history is correct, could NOT have existed in Egypt at the time.....

Contamination by people that have handled the Mummies during the last 200 years or so was considered and proven to NOT be the case.

The Ancient Egyptians somehow were able to get their hands on PERUVIAN Flake, Acapulco Gold and Alabama Bottom-leaf....

It is NOW one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of Ancient Egypt..!

BUT, if you take into consideration the Ancient Egyptian City that I am convinced CERTAINLY exists in the Grand Canyon, then it is not so surprising.

The Egyptians got around.....

Os SOMEONE that they were in CONTACT with certainly did!

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