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Humanoid Skull Found On Mars

Humanoid Skull Found On Mars

  • Uploaded by -Marduk- on Sep 7, 2008
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Notice the smooth rounded shape on the forehead, the dark eye sockets, the bone bridge between the evenly distanced eye holes, the nose shape and opening for the mouth. All of this suggesting an anatomically correct humanoid skull.

However - it's not so perfect. While the upper portion of this object certainly is consistent, disturbingly consistent, with that of a human skull - the bottom half looks somewhat unnatural. Not something you would expect to see on a genuine artifact such as this. According to Mars expert, J. P. Skipper, this particular Mars scene is evidence of image tampering by NASA, "For me, what makes this even more reportable as anomalous evidence even more than its general look is the fluffy image tampering applications clustered around the base of the object. This darker bulky obscuring area isn't rocks and/or shadow as one might at first presume, it is image tampering giving it this false bulky look in those spots." Skipper continued, "Note the diffuse fluffy fuzzy quality that are these darker tampering areas. This is typical of false artificially added information as compared to real solid particulate surfaces like the real ground level bone (skull) or artificially worked statue head material that are of course as hard surfaces much more solar light reflective. For me, it is these image tampering applications partially obscuring this object that gives much more credence to this being something someone did not want us to be able to adequately recognize."

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