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These ALIEN skulls were found in a forest in Siberia, Russia-not far from the famed TUNGUSKA explosion epicenter in Krasnoyarsk Krai...

The skulls are kept at the OMSK Museum of history and Culture.

They are NOT on display. The Museum directors fear that they may ALARM the public....

Notice the TEETH sockets....more REPTILIAN than HUMAN!

The Elongated heads are very much like those of Egyptian, Mayan and Aztec Royalty....

I am certain that science is busy trying to attribute the skull elongation to ritual skull binding...BUT what about the TEETH sockets?

The directors of the museum have gone on public record as stating that these are more than likely ALIEN skulls!

DNA testing is now being conducted, though these craniums were discovered long ago....

Want to bet that we NEVER hear what they have determined?

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