The Great Convergence

The Great Convergence

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“The Great Convergence” is an interpretation of the end of time stories and prophesies collected from all corners of the globe. It features all major religions, ancient writings, and modern scientific concepts.

The One God wearing many crowns arrives on a white horse, which begins the epic battle between good and evil.

The image is shown with sword in mouth, wearing many crowns. A crown with the Star of David, a crown of thorns, and a halo of the Buddhist wheel. He crashes through the Mayan calendar.

Behind him is the red Kachina, known by many names: the winged planet, Nibiru, the Nimitz, wormwood, the destroyer.

Legions of robed angels on horseback follow the almighty into the battle against evil.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is represented by the celestial dragon, snaking around the center image.

Atop the Kachina is a ring-like, fiery halo of the Great Purification.

The all-seeing eye of Buddha is ghosted in the top left with a Native American waiting to be taken up by the Star children on the right.

The sun at the bottom of the painting provides light to the images above and sets the stage for the solar maximum. The solar flares spell out the name of the Hindu God and Allah, the god of the Koran. All nine planets of the solar system circle the sun.

The celestial sign of Ophiuchus, the thirteenth sign of the zodiac, is seen in the lower right corner, he is known as the serpent bearer. The sun rises in this constellation which markes the center of the galaxy on the winter solstice 2012.

At the base of the painting are representations of hell, war, famine, and pestilence. The entire tribe seems to be fleeing across the universe. Featuring a horned devil with his grip on planet earth, notice its blood red moon.

Floating off to the right is a fetus attached to an umbilical cord of DNA which runs off into infinity. All of the stories end with the rebirth of mankind, where he is mentally, physically, and spiritually lifted to a higher form of existence.

Rick Worth
January 2011

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