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Muchalat Harry was the biggest man in the village of Nootka on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The best Fisherman. The best Trapper. The best Huntsman. The Tallest. The Strongest, the Best Looking.....

Muchalat was also seeing the loveliest Maiden for miles around, so 'ol Muchalat Harry had the world on a string.

He decided to test his prowess as hunter and tracker by pushing further into the forest surrounding Nootka than anyone in his village had ever gone before.

After two weeks and 60 miles, Muchalat came upon a village of people that warned him to go no further, for in the mountains just beyond resided a tribe of Giant men...

Muchalat feared NOTHING and was certain that the villagers were just repeating superstitious warnings from far in the past when such things just may have been true, but not in HIS day, not in 1928!

So Muchalat pushed onward....

Two nights later, Muchalat half-awakened in the middle of the night....He was certain that there was someone walking silently through his camp!

Before he could spring from his sleeping bag, something immensely powerful scooped him up like a child, flung him over it's hairy shoulder, and carried him deeper into the woods.

Hours later, freaked out beyond all measure, Muchalat was deposited on the ground in what appeared to be a campsite littered with large bones.

He was too startled and dazed to react...

Looking around, he found himself to be surrounded by TWENTY or more 12-15 tall, hairy Ape/Man-like creatures!

They pulled at his clothing and hair,
hauled him to his feet and examined his fingers, teeth, eyes, ears.....

Muchalat was certain that he was going to be eaten...

But as time went by, most of the creatures lost interest in him and began to drift away into the forest.

Muchalat leaped to his feet and ran for his life! He ran THROUGH the village he had stayed in just two days before. He ran the entire 12 miles back to where he had stashed his canoe and some supplies, then paddled the 48 remaining miles back to Nootka.

He was found in tatters, screaming and babbling incoherently like a wild man on the streets of Nootka.

Benedictine Monks nursed him slowly back to health, but Muchalat was a MUCH changed man forever and ever thereafter.

He never hunted, fished or trapped again.

And, until the day he died, he NEVER left the village of Nootka.

He hardly ever left his home...

I don't know WHAT happened to his Maiden.....

This is a TRUE story....

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