The SUMERIANS had Star Charts so accurate that NASA can use them today!

They had the distances between the planets accurate to the exact MILE!

They knew 8,000 years ago about the ORBIT of the planets, the relative SIZES of the planets, and the correct AMOUNT of planets in this solar system.

They say that there are 10 planets in this Solar System....

There is a planet the size of JUPITER out there that only passes through this neck of the Solar System every 1,800 years.

NASA has found this to be possibly true, as there is SOMETHING out there yet unidentified that has gravity so strong that it has affected the course of every single spacecraft ever launched!

It may even cause the mysterious "Gravity Well" effect that the Russians feel may affect the course of APOPHIS in 2035 and 2036!

But the QUESTION here is:

What were the SUMERIANS doing with STAR CHARTS, folks?

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