In the spring of 1960, Monster Hunter Tim Dinsdale made a four minute movie of The Monster as it surfaced slowly and began to undulate across the dark, quiet waters of Loch Ness.

The film is convincing, showing a very ALIVE, unknown sea-creature zig-zagging it's way through the lake. The exposed portion of the creature is at the very least 30 feet long, and resembles the head and neck of a Plieosaur.

This is the film that convinced otherwise extremely skeptical Marine Biologists to start taking claims of an unknown monster inhabiting the depths of Loch Ness quite seriously.

Many people have heard of NESSIE, but a rather tight clamp has been placed upon the claims that have come from other spots around the globe.

In 1977, a Japanese fishing vessel named ZUIYO MARU brought in an unexpected catch, the 4,000 lb. rotting carcass of what appears to be, for all intents and purposes, a DINOSAUR of the Plieosaur variety.

Lake Khaiyr in Siberia, Russia has it's own version of Nessie, a grass-eating, gleaming black, 30-40 ft. long GENTLE sea creature that has been continually spotted since the 1930's.

The White River in Newport, Arkansas has a similar creature, one that waddled onto shore in front of several startled onlookers, most of whom were too shocked to move, before it turned back and slid silently into the water, one sunny afternoon in 1971.

There are reported sightings of the same type of sea creature coming from Lake Elsinore in California.

Sailors spot them regularly in the Atlantic Ocean, NEVER in the Pacific!

These CREATURES are spotted on a regular basis throughout the world, yet they are hardly ever spoken of in the news....

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