Historic date synchronicity Egypt 2/11/2011 as9/11

Historic date synchronicity Egypt 2/11/2011 as9/11

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Historic date synchronicity: Egypt 2/11/2011 as the opposite of 9/11/2001???

On February 11, 2011 Egypt President Hosni Mubarak resigned from power in Egypt. This is a truly historic day, and that is not an exaggeration. Days like this don’t happen very often. Who predicted such a day would seemingly happen from nowhere? Nobody foresaw such a monumental event. I like the idea world-changing events can appear spontaneously. I don’t think we can understate the significance of 2/11/2011. It will go down in history with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I find it curious the date of this great event: 2/11/2011. I thought of the last time the 11th day of the month mattered. That was not a good day, 9/11/2001; the day terrorists struck the United States. That day resulted in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was a completely negative event; no good whatsoever evolved form it. Negativity compounds like a bad form of interest, creating an unwelcome burden of bad karma.

Egypt’s 02/11/2011 is such a different story, a non-violent overthrow of a 3-decade long dictator. Now all the world’s dictators are sleeping restlessly. It is simply incredible. It almost feels like there is a pendulum trying to restore balance concerning humanity. When negativity in the world becomes too great, suddenly from nowhere springs a groundswell of the good and the positive. The people of Egypt have a right to be proud of their accomplishment.

What may be the meaning contained in the numbers of the dates 2/11/2011 and 9/11/2001? They all share 0, 1, and 2, all good numbers. Except for the number 9. Could the number 9 be a bad number? Numerology thinks so. A strange coincidence, which is another name for synchronicity. Do numbers and their randomeness contain a clue to our future?

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