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There has been an Exciting Find on the island of Palau, which lies just 500 miles east of the Philippines in the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific.

And wouldn't you just KNOW that AMERICA has found a way to lay it's MITTS on the place...

But I digress....

A tiny race of humans did in fact inhabit these islands until approximately 1,000 years ago,the famous PYGMIES of the Pacific, there is ample evidence of that, but recent finds have indicated that an even TINIER race of Man once roamed these islands.

They inhabited the caves that run all around the coasts of Palau. Recent expeditions into these caves uncovered hundreds of bones of a race of people that could not have stood more than a few feet tall.

The SKULLS are not EXACTLY shaped like the typical human skulls...

These skulls are thicker and rounder, with larger eye sockets and jutting jaw bones.

SKULLS of fully grown adults that will fit into the palms of your hands....

Pygmy skulls are usually not very much smaller than full sized human skulls.

Palau emerged from the auspices of a United Nations Trusteeship in 1995, so Palau is the YOUNGEST and SMALLEST sovereign Nation in the World...

It lies not too far from a Military CHINA....

So America has found a way to dump it's GUANTANAMO BAY ex-prisoners here!

And EXTEND it's own Military Presence...

It is a SORDID affair that you won't read about in the papers...

MULTI-MILLIONS in American Economic Assistance in exchange for the right to base Military Personnel in Palau...

And they have to take all former prisoners of Guantanamo that have been CLEARED beyond the shadow of a doubt of ANY wrongdoing!

These men have been fully cleared, yet they can never go home again!

They must live out their lives HERE, in the shadow of the American military!

America is also in a position to confiscate any important anthropological finds!

But hey, folks, what a place to be a prisoner, EH?

Just like the Patrick McGoohan television program!

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