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Well, ACTUALLY Shoe Prints, but I could not make "PRINTS" fit....

William J. Meister, found what certainly must make any serious scientist or anthropologist question all that has been accepted about the origins of MAN.

In June, 1968, while fossil hunting at Great White Sands in Antelope Springs, Utah, Meister stumbled upon the find of the CENTURY: Fossilized impressions of a SHOE or SANDAL crushing a TRILOBITE!

TRILOBITES of the variety found at great White sands became extinct 300-600 MILLION years ago!

The STITCHING used is FINER and BETTER than ANY method achieved by modern man...

The SANDAL/SHOE is 10 1/2 long, 3 1/2 inches wide...

Meister was accompanied by his wife and two daughters, and a Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sharpe.

He cracked open a two inch thick slab of rock and made his incredible discovery.

The Curator of the Museum of natural History in Utah, James Madsen, was particularly disturbed by the findings, initially REFUSING to accept what he was seeing with his own eyes.

A story appeared in "THE DESERT NEWS", a local newspaper. The next day, the find went NATIONAL, and Madsen was forced to examine the prints seriously...

"What Man-thing could possibly have been walking the Earth before the age of vertebrates?" he was quoted as saying.....

The impression of a CHILD'S foot from the same AGE has recently been found in the area which has now been declared "OFF LIMITS" by the U.S. Government!

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