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"By the way, we've discovered a BASE on the back side of the Moon"...

Back in the late sixties, Sgt. Karl Wolf was a Precision Electronics Photographic Repairman with a Top Secret Cryto-Clearance for/with the United States Air Force.

He was called upon one day to clear a "bottleneck" at the NASA Lunar Orbiter Project at Langley Field. He was taken directly to the area that was experiencing the malfunction by a Dr. Colley.

Upon entering the room, Sgt. Wolf was taken aback by all of the distinguished and world-famous scientists that were crowded into that tiny office.

He was lead directly past them and given over to an Airman 2nd Class, Wolf's rank also at the time....

He was taken to the Darkroom where the problem awaited. The room was far too dark for any work to be accurately accomplished, so Wolf had to wait around a bit for the machinery to be brought out to where the lighting was better, so that he could effect repairs...

As he waited, the Airman, whom Wolf now noticed was a little tense and frightened, remarked:

"By the way, we've discovered BASES on the back side of the Moon..."

As he did so, he began to place photographs on a table that CLEARLY showed something INCREDIBLE, in Wolf's words:

"I saw Mushroom-shaped buildings, Spherical Buildings, Structures, TOWERS..."

He was too shocked to speak.

This was a serious matter, and a serious breach in security, the Airmen had violated protocol....

Before Wolf could reply, men entered the room and began to carry the machinery out...

Sgt. Wolf said nothing, but thought to himself that he could not wait to get home and see everything on the evening news....

He has been waiting over 40 years!

This man is willing to testify before Congress....

Go to YOUTUBE and look up Dr. Stephen Greer's "DISCLOSURE PROJECT"!

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