Get this:

There are certain seeds in the forest, certain species of GRASS and PINE that can only be germinated by FIRE.

They actually THRIVE on SMOKE. The smoke on the forest floor penetrates and germinates the seed.

Only FIRE can crack the tough shells. Only smoke can penetrate the inner coatings.

In the season when these seeds are ready for germination, there WILL be fires in the forest.

Fires of unknown origin. Lightning does not start these fires. Careless humans do not start these fires.

The FOREST itself starts these fires.

Scientists in CANADA, where the top photo at LEFT was taken, have been monitoring the forests where these types of seeds lie to see what the mechanism that triggers these fires may be.

Still a MYSTERY.

This fire started on it's OWN, with no help from any observable source.

It has been happening for MILLIONS of years.

Forestry officials are AWARE that this is the cause of MOST forest Fires.

They should WARN the rest of us to stay OUT of the forest during these germination seasons....

I am certain that many individuals have been blamed for fires that they did not start...

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