"One of the most intelligent, self-aware, charismatic students I have ever had the pleasure of ; "One of the most observant human beings I have ever encountered. Yuri sees EVERYTHING, he knows LIFE, the big ; "A charming, smiling, ...

"One of the most intelligent, self-aware, charismatic students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching...."

"One of the most observant human beings I have ever encountered. Yuri sees EVERYTHING, he knows LIFE, the big picture..."

"A charming, smiling, Genius. Master of Mathematics and Science. Yuri knows instinctively how everything Works, how it is all held together...."


Yuri Gagarin. We will never know the real truth.

I will tell you know the first thing a Russian ever said to me about Yuri Gagarin:

"He was a Hero, then he became a drunk.
He was an embarrassment, so BREZHNEV had him killed."

I believe that truly sums up the public perception of this unfortunate hero.

It is widely rumored in the Soviet Union that Yuri Gagarin never made the historic flight aboard the VOSTOK One, the space flight around the world that catapulted him into the pages of history that fateful day, April 12, 1961.

That it was all a massive FRAUD, a false claim, a desperate move by the Soviet Union to throw NASA off their game and gain a Political victory over the United States of America.

I believe that this is possible, but in no way lessens Russia's impact on the Space Race.

Yuri Gagarin became that hinted at drunk and unreliable PILOT soon after the HORRIFIC death of his best friend, Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, the man that died in his place....

Komarov died so that Gagarin could live.

What are the facts being the rumours?

If you look at the photos of Gagarin in his capsule, you will notice in the first shot that there are no lights, no room for cameras in the Vostok pod.

He is so well lit, double shadows and all, that it is IMPOSSIBLE that this was taken on the day of his historic flight, as the Russian Space Agency insists.

In FACT, these images, as well as ALL of the images of the pre-flight countdown and preparations, were shot TWO WEEKS later!

A FACT confirmed by ELENA GAGARINA, daughter of the famous Cosmonaut. She states that her father carried a HEAVY load, that he wanted to CONFESS that he NEVER went into space!

WHY would a daughter that LOVES and CHERISHES her father want to taint his image? It is not her intent. She believes that her father was INDEED murdered, his final flight SABOTAGED.

The Soviet Union, now that new FORENSIC TECHNIQUES have been perfected, techniques that could finally shed light upon what really happened to Yuri Gagarin and his Co-pilot on March 27, 1968, have REFUSED to re-open the investigation, have gathered all bits and pieces of the crashed aircraft, and SEALED them in cement filled barrels!

Furthermore, NASA has gone on record as stating that NO SUCH FLIGHT occurred on April 12, 1961.

Political pressure caused them to revise their statement TWO WEEKS LATER...But they insisted that there was NO HUMAN aboard the craft, just telemetry equipment.

Did Gagarin actually EJECT from the craft, as the Soviets insist? Well, then that disqualifies their effort, as the goal was to send a man into space and return him, IN HIS CAPSULE, safely to Earth...

Gagarin is said to have landed more than a mile away from his craft, that is why there are NO PHOTOS of his landing!

Two different OFFICIAL photos of the Vostok One capsule after landing appear, one that shows the craft in a clear field, another showing a SNOW COVERED craft....

And another thing: EVERY launch preceding the Vostok-1 had ended in DISASTER, three separate EXPLOSIONS on the Launch Pad.

The launch afterward was the one that took the life of Vladimir Komarov....

So why did Gagarin's ship just happen to perform correctly?

Yuri Gagarin was a man that carried a heavy, heavy load....

The SACRIFICE of a friend, and a GREAT, GREAT secret that could embarrass a NATION.

How does such a self-aware man, such a charismatic genius, become a DRUNK?

You have just experienced the HOW and the WHY....

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