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Yuri Gagarin never said that he didn't see any GOD when he went into space...

Gagarin was a very religious man, and was extremely uncomfortable having that quote attributed to him...

Nikita Krushchev, Russian Premiere, was the actual culprit behind those words.

And even HE was quoted out of context...

Gagarin lived a life of constant FEAR and disappointment. He felt that the Soviet Union shortchanged it's Cosmonauts, that NASA was the far superior organization...

He wrote long, intelligent letters to his Soviet Superiors, detailing all the deficiencies of the Russian Space program and offered pertinent suggestions on how to catch up with the rapidly dominant NASA.

All to no avail.

His pleas fell on deaf, unfeeling ears.

Just like the NASA Astronauts of the eighties, after a few small victories, the Cosmonauts were basically retired and put out to pasture.

Gagarin began to rebel after the death of Vladimir Komarov.

He was placed under surveillance 24 hours a day, was surrounded by the Soviet version of Secret Service even when he went to the restroom.

He had nowhere to go, no one to turn to.

At least, when Komarov was alive, he had a COMRADE that felt as he did.

He turned to the BOTTLE, and the rest is history......

The fact that there is Yuri Gagarin-themed VODKA shows how far his star has slipped....

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