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Snake Swallows Pet Kitten

Snake Swallows Pet Kitten

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Gobbled ... x-ray shows the kitten inside the python's belly

A KILLER two metre long python has gobbled a kitten and swallowed it whole.

This incredible picture shows eight week old Kohl - which has a head three times the size of the python's - lying in the bulging belly of the enormous wriggler.

The snake was found at the McLaren family's home in Tiwi in the northern suburbs of Darwin, Australia, yesterday.

Cat owner Asha McLaren said her 14-year-old daughter Taara had gone out to feed their pets about 7am and made the grisly find.

She said: "It wasn't a very nice feeling to think that this happened in our backyard.

"My daughter went out to feed the cats and they normally all come running at the sound of the dish, but Kohl was missing.

"She then looked around and saw the snake. She called out to me, saying there was a big snake and that she thought it had eaten Kohl.

"When I went out I couldn't believe it. It had a bulging belly and when we couldn't find Kohl anywhere it was obvious he'd been eaten.

"It was very sad as he was my favourite. He was grey with black stripes and was just gorgeous."

She said they quickly shut their other cats inside.

Snake-catcher Gordon Canning who was called out to collect the python said it was unusual for a python to snaffle a cat.

He said pythons normally strike at their prey and squeeze it to death before swallowing it whole.

"The cat would have been suffocated within minutes," he said.


Mr Canning said the snake will be held for about a week while it digests its feed to keep it safe from predators because it will move slower than usual.

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