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The story of the Fukushima/Dai Ichii/TEPCO disaster is a familiar one, the same old tale of avarice and Government complicity.

The people of Japan HATE TEPCO...

It is an OLD hate....

There have been HUNDREDS of Violations, quietly covered up violations, at TEPCO facilities for the last 20 years, at least.

SICK and IRRADIATED Employees.

DANGEROUS, unreliable MARK-ONE Reactors built by America's GENERAL ELECTRIC Corporation. Reactors so dangerous that GE Engineers have QUIT their jobs so that they are not connected to whatever disasters they might bring about. REACTORS that are at nearly every Nuclear facility in the WORLD.

But the problems of the GE reactors is a FUTURE tale. It is NOT the reactors that are the problem at Fukushima, it is the melt down of the Fuel Rods....

TEPCO received special permission from the Government of Japan a few years ago to store over TWICE the recommended amount of used Fuel Rods at their facilities.

TEPCO facilities in Fukushima were OVERLOADED with spent fuel rods...

The containers were only meant to hold, at absolute MAXIMUM, 3,450 rods per pool.

TEPCO received permission to up the limit to 6,300+ spent fuel rods per container.

There are SEVEN such pools at Fukushima, and only ONE is at ground level. The rest are atop the burning buildings!

There are likely more than 600,000 spent fuel rods in these pools....

If the damaged Storage Containers, which are the real problem today, had had the correct amount of depleted fuel rods in them, they likely would not have cracked. They were DESIGNED to withstand an Earthquake or two, possibly even a TSUNAMI of the type that devastated Japan.

They won't tell you this on the NEWS, but the URGENT problem is BREWING in Reactor Building #4. You see, no matter how much water is pumped into the plant, none builds up. NONE comes out.

So, it is either flowing directly into the sea....

Or the bottom of the Coolant Pool is CRACKED, and all that water, 3 weeks of steady streaming water, thousands and thousands of gallons, folks, is funneling straight into the ground....

This problem is bigger than Japan.

It is bigger than the WORLD.

Your Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren will be the ones to bear the burden of this.

There is NO current technology on the books that can handle this.

Fukushima's Nuclear reactor facility WILL BE BURIED beneath TONS of sand, bauxite and CONCRETE.

It is the only possible MEASURE, not a solution.

Only the FUTURE holds a solution.


TEPCO is offering 5,000 a day to workers willing to GIVE UP THEIR LIVES and FUTURES to halt the menace...

So far, very, very few takers....

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