This man could do ANYTHING.

Jean Leon-Gerome was born in Vesoul, France in 1824. Far from being a natural prodigy in the various disciplines of the Auteur, Gerome had to work hard to achieve success.

He studied under the auspices a few of the great masters of the period, notably Charles Gleyre and Paul Delaroche of Paris.

Gerome was never satisfied, roaming the world in search of the perfect subjects to birth into eternity.

He found peace, and his calling, in Constantinople, Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East, realizing what is considered to be the best work of his career.

Upon returning to Paris, Gerome developed a process for duplicating his works, and soon all of France was aware of his eye for beauty, the effortless scenes of genius...

He was also an accomplished Sculptor, his "CORINTHIA" is one of the most valued sculptures at the London Museum of Art.

Of course, all of his commercial success was greeted with bitterness, cries of "Commercialism" and the dreaded term "Sell-out"....

Gerome's paintings and sculptures were always at the center of every discussion concerning the future of Art and Commercialism....

Gerome has also been criticized for his failure to embrace the new avant-garde movements that were sweeping Paris in his heydey, IMPRESSIONISM and POST-IMPRESSIONISM were not his particular cup of tea.

Jean Leon-Gerome died in Paris, 19O4, in the way that ALL great painters would probably like to:

He was found slumped to the floor in his Studio, in between two paintings, one by Rembrandt and one of his own....

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