Meet Max and Sveta Stolarova. A short trip down memory lane shows a happy couple, raising their children and living and working in the once pleasant city of Pripyat, Russia.

They had friends here. They made love in their single roomed home, with only a blanket to serve as PRIVACY....

Both attended school just up the road, she the girl with the saucy manner and imperious stare, he of the thick hair and nervous jokes that Sveta just never really understood.....

She married him anyway....

They were QUITE happy.

But their LUCK ran out on the same day that Russia's did.

Chernobyl happened, and Max and Sveta were forced to move away.

But they just could not bear to part with the home they had occupied since 1964.

Max and Sveta moved back to Pripyat 7 years ago. Soon 400 of their now quite elderly neighbors returned.

Pripyat, Russia is now the most EXCLUSIVE Retirement Village in the World....

What's to worry?


These folks are OLD and don't give a damn. They are actually, even after seven years in no man's land, QUITE healthy and vigorous.

In fact, a few of their old ailments have cleared up.

Plus sides abound:

No RENT. Free Power. Free medical care.
QUIET neighbors. No CARS. Free public transportation.

The Negative?

Radioactive feral DOGS, Atomic feral BOARS, Nuclear CATS and Mutant Ninja BIRDS...


But: Life has returned to the forests.

AND: There are NO WORRIES....

Life is once again GOOD for Miracle Max and Sveta.....

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