They say that there is no water on Mars, just ICE at the Polar caps....

With all the Nitrogen and Methane in the atmosphere, impossible....

There is water all over Mars, I think that the Blue Skies are a testament to the fact.

If SCIENCE in general is so unwilling to admit the very possibility of LIFE on other planets, then there just HAS to be something fishy going on, because you can't get two scientists, even dear friends, to agree on much of anything....

There is a Russian KGB Official or two, several American Military Officers, Royal Air Force Captains, Italian Air Marshalls and German Aviation geniuses that all state pretty much the same thing:

"What else do we have to tell you?"

These TRUSTED men, MEN trusted by their Governments with incredible military secrets, have all come forward and informed us that ALIENS and UFOS are REAL. WHY would they do this, risking their JOBS and FAMILIES, if they were not absolutely convinced that they had, despite all their experience, encountered something UNKNOWN?

Have you noticed it is NEVER a youthful officer?

These men hold their secrets until the WEIGHT becomes UNBEARABLE-

Just look into Neil Armstrong's EYES...

The most HAUNTED eyes on the planet.

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