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I hear President Obama gave a speech the other day. I gather it had something to do with appointing a "Gas Czar" or "Gas Watchdog" or "Gumshoe" or some such...

I didn't tune in. I NEVER do. Who cares what a President has to say these days? All a bunch of carefully scripted placation.

And he "Ums and Ahs" a bit too much for my nerves-never thought I'd ever REALLY feel nervous about our economy...

"OIL CZAR". "Task Force": Re-Election Bid.

I believe in Obama about as much as I believe in Donald Trump.

Or Sanity Clause.

Or Charlie Sheen.

NOTHING will happen. They always pull this.

That THUMB these idiots always hold up is a presidential "Up Yours"....!

It is SUPPOSED to indicate the thickness of their PENIS, psychologically speaking...

You don't see FEMALE politicians doing it...

We've seen this act before. Remember- what is she? Senator? House Speaker? Who Cares?- Barbara Boxer's VOW to get to the bottom of high Oil prices when she was running for something a few years ago? What happened?


Here's how I see it:

Standard Oil runs the World, no matter WHAT you may think to the contrary. There are partnered with the BANKS. Others are involved, but those are the major Players.

What caused us to be where we are today?

The Collapse of the Housing market.

What caused that?

The HUGE SPIKE in Gas prices at the height of the War in Iraq, and the HUGE rise in Electricity Pricing....

Remember that THIS WAR was going to result in LOWER Oil Prices?

People BELIEVED it.

People were buying houses TWO at a time and driving LONG distances to maintain them, both husband and wife working, working, working-

Just like they knew you would HAVE to in order to keep what you had attained. So they gouged you at the pumps.

People were driving, in most cases, over 100 miles a day, SIX days a weeks. That's a lot of Gas....

They KNEW you couldn't stop buying gas, not now, not for ANY reason. Got to get to work. Got to keep going, LOTS of TRUCKS on the Freeways, all of a sudden...

SPIKE those Gas prices!

THAT is what began the collapse.

The BANKS bet against our being able to keep juggling our BALLS in the air.

Of Course, they did. They knew our TRUE finances, knew what we were going through, SMILING and gouging you for their services.

All the Banks wanted was your NEST EGG, you KNOW, all those thousands that you had to shell out to get in and to STAY in those homes....

Those THOUSANDS you scrimped and saved TOGETHER back when the marriage was still GOOD, un-assailed by Hard Times....

OIL runs the world. They are BEHIND the current unrest in the Middle East today and EVERY time in the past in an effort to keep that part of the word DE-STABILIZED. When you hear that America is giving MILLIONS to the REBELS, along with Russia, and France, and Great Britain and China, then you know Big Oil had to have given the okay.

In the early Sixties, Saudi Arabia and the rest got together and formed OPEC, the Oil Cartel....

The "Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries" was formed at at time when America's oil fields were drying up. In a short span of years, Exported Oil became America's LIFEBLOOD.

In 1973, the Arab Countries grew weary of our meddling in their affairs...

They promptly put the squeeze on America through an Oil Embargo as penalty for America supporting ISRAEL in some cause or another, maybe the YOM KIPPUR War...

OPEC severely curtailed production and halted EXPORTS.

That really HURT America and the World. It showed just how important Big Oil is, and the fact that the embargo originated in Saudi Arabia does NOT mean that Standard Oil was not using it as a scheme to raise Gas Prices. WHOM do you think REALLY owns the Oil Fields of the Middle East?

Who benefits, really, from higher Gas prices?

Industry around the world ground to a halt. People began losing their jobs..

Plans were made, even then, by Big Oil to COMPLETELY seize the "Cartel" oil fields. I knew people in the Military in 1974 that told me ALL of America's future wars would be in the Middle east, no matter WHAT.

I asked them how they knew. Because they were in SUPPLY. They were in CAMOUFLAGE. And ALL the paint and clothing they were ORDERED to stock were changed to BROWNS and TANS, instead of Jungle Greens...

Paint that looked like SAND.

CHINA hates America and began to BOOM in the mid-eighties....They began to buy up HUGE contracts in the Middle East...American Oil was nearly completely dried up...America needed to secure Oil Fields before CHINA could get their hands on them...

9/11 was COOKED UP....

Standard Oil got AMERICA to SEIZE what they could not afford to buy, not that it was an option, from a countries UNWILLING to sell, for various reasons, mostly because they HATED America...

People have to drive to get to work.

People have to work in order to survive.

Gas will CONTINUE to climb, NOTHING has EVER stopped it, certainly no MEASLY President or Act of Congress...

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